B.O.G. Meeting October 28, 2015


CREA Board Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2015

In attendance:



Joel Greene, RSI

Carol Hardy-Vincent, RSI

Elayne Hesler, DSP

Michael Martin, FDT

Brian Reeder, COU




Clint Brass, Vice President

Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer

Valerie Grasso, President

Susan Thaul, Vice President


Stewards and Others


Bill Canis, Steward

Claudia Guidi, CIP/PUB

John Mickey, Admin.  Aide

Jack Moteff, former President

Suzanne Salgado, Guest




Steward Candidacy:  Suzanne Salgado expressed her interest in running for Steward for COU in an election anticipated to be held on October 29. She provided an overview of her work history and perspective based on her 30+ years of work in the Library.

Strategic Planning Sessions:  President Grasso asked that a CREA representative attend each of the strategic planning sessions that Director Mazanec  is hosting. CREA officers from various divisions (including COU, DSP, G&F, and RSI) summarized the sessions the Director held with their divisions.

GAO Annual Meeting:  The GAO union has invited CREA to attend its annual meeting on November 18, 2015, from 11:30am-2:30pm.  Let President Grasso know if you are interested in attending.

CRS Workforce Composition Statistics: President Grasso circulated CRS workforce composition statistics indicating the number of women and minorities at various GS levels.

Microsoft Home Use Program:  The Board discussed the CRS Microsoft Home Use Program which allows staff to purchase a licensed copy of most Microsoft Office desktop PC applications to use on their home computers.

Review of CREA Committees:  The Board reviewed the role and membership of CREA committees.  Topics of discussion included the extent to which there is overlap among committee responsibilities, whether to establish a new health and safety committee, and the need to solicit new members for vacancies.  President Grasso will contact all CREA members  about committee roles and vacancies to ask for volunteers.

Confidentiality Policy Update:  The Board discussed the new CRS confidentiality policy and the interest of CREA in being involved in consultation/negotiation with management on the policy.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.