B.O.G. Meeting November 4, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2015 Minutes

In attendance:


David Bradley

Joel Greene, RSI

Carol Hardy-Vincent, RSI

Elayne Hesler, DSP

Michael Martin, FDT

Betty-Jean Oladapo, COU

Brian Reeder, COU



Clint Brass, Vice President

Valerie Grasso, President

Susan Thaul, Vice President


Stewards and Others

Bill Canis, Steward

Randy Schnepf, Steward

Claudia Guidi, CIP/PUB

John Mickey, Admin.  Aide




Steward Election: Suzanne Salgado was elected Steward for COU.

GAO Anniversary: President Grasso reminded the Board about GAO’s Annual Meeting on Nov. 18th.

Holiday Party: The Board discussed having a holiday party. Brian Reeder was authorized to investigate options for an off-site party .

Confidentiality:  President Grasso solicited further comments on the CRS policy on confidentiality.

IMT 360 Assessment:  VP Susan Thaul described a meeting with IMT and IMT’s plans for subsequent focus groups with CRS staff.

Committee Participation: President Grasso Grasso asked Governors and Stewards to indicate interest in participating in a CREA committee by a deadline of November 18. President Grasso will send a reminder e-mail to Governors and Stewards.

Open Forum:  Meeting participants discuss recent CRS- and Library-related events in the news and how to structure subsequent discussions among member of the CREA Board of Governors, CREA membership, and bargaining unit members.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.