B.O.G. Meeting Minutes October 15, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2014

Meeting started at 12:07 p.m.

In attendance:


Clint Brass

Karma Ester

Patty Figliola

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Bonnie Mangan

Betty-Jean Oladapo

Libby Perl

Mallary Stouffer








Phillip Brogsdale

Valerie Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Susan Thaul












Tyson Flagg

Shelley Harlan

Jack Moteff













Welcome New CREA Officers. Welcome to new CREA Officers.

  1. Credit Hours. President Grasso will schedule an information session on the new credit hour policy. There seems to be some misinformation out there. Also a recommendation is made for CREA members and members of the CREA CBA team to attend the Director’s open meetings October 28 and 29.
  2. Phased-In Retirement. President G. reported that an MOU is forthcoming. An information session may be scheduled if there is enough interest.
  3. Monthly Meeting with the Director. Are there suggested matters to raise? (Yes – credit hours and emergency procedures.)
  4. CREA Organization and Committees. President G. mentioned some vacancies still remain in our leadership; ALD has no Governor. We also need stewards in several divisions. President G. raised the CREA Committees; there is a vacancy on the Grievance Committee. VP Jefferson will reach out to fill that vacancy. Governors are asked to solicit for stewards and committee participants.
  5. Relocations. President G. raised the upcoming relocations of FIN staff (6 people) and PGM staff (7 people). A number of issues have been raised.
  6. Presidential Certificates. Former President Jack Moteff took the opportunity to present Presidential Certificates of Appreciation to Phillip Brogsdale, Shelley Harlan, and Libby Perl in person (and to Alison Siskin in absentia). Thanks to all for exceptional service to CREA!
  7. Open Forum. Governor Hardy-Vincent mentioned the idea of soliciting members for issues to be raised at the President’s meetings with the Director. All agreed this is a good idea.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.