B.O.G. Meeting Minutes October 1, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2014

Meeting Started 12:04 p.m.

In attendance:


David Bradley

Clint Brass

Karma Ester

Patty Figliola

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Bonnie Mangan

Libby Perl

Mallary Stouffer










Phillip Brogsdale

Valerie Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Jack Moteff

Alison Siskin














Susan Thaul

Tyson Flagg















The CREA negotiating team and the LOC signed the CBA!! There will be a signing with CRS on October 20th which is when credit hours begin.

VP: Susan Thaul has volunteered to be the VP for Bargaining.  Gov. Stouffer moved to appoint Susan Thaul as VP for Bargaining. Motioned seconded and approved unanimously. Congratulations to VP Thaul.

Annual Meeting: Will be Oct 8th, but there still is not guest speaker. Tyson is creating a flyer to post in the divisions and offices. The budget is $150 for the event.

Minutes: For September 24th approved with discussed modifications.

Grievance: Need to decide about a grievance concerning retaliation for filing a grievance. Gov. Stouffer moves that the Board vote to move forward with the grievance and to combine it with the other grievance (the one that caused the retaliation). Gov. Brass seconded it. Motion approved.

Open Mic:

  • Concerns were raised about how credit hours will be administered in light of the draft Q&A.
  • The unions will be briefed on phased retirement tomorrow.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.