B.O.G. Meeting Minutes- March 26, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2014

Meeting Started 12:04 p.m.

In attendance:



Clint Brass

Patty Figliola

Michael Martin

Libby Perl

Betty Jean Oladapo

Brian Reeder





Valerie Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Jack Moteff

Alison Siskin










Chelsea Robertson




Minutes: Next week.

White Paper Committee: Julius and Clint need another week to put the proposal together.

CBA Status: Contract with fact-finder (Joe Swerdzewski) has been signed. CREA and CRS have a conference call scheduled with the Swerdzewski today at 3.

Steward Training: Scheduled for April 22, 12:30-4:00. Governors may attend but will have to use their own leave.  Stewards get official time. Julius may approach the BOG later, if necessary, to secure funds to provide lunch during the training.

Brown Bags: Jack wants to initiate these monthly for any interested CREA Member.

IFPTE Federal Caucus: Jack, Julius and Valerie attended. Each local discussed issues with which they have had to contend over the last year and are anticipated in the coming year. There was much discussion on labor-management partnerships. The President’s executive order requiring organized efforts to engage in pre-decisional information exchange does not apply to us or GAO. However, it was useful to hear how the executive order is being implemented (or not) at other federal agencies.

Meeting with the Director: Jack had the monthly meeting with the Director. They discussed the centennial, hiring, IBC’s. IBC’s are seen as the process by which CRS satisfies its statutory requirements, but management is trying to reduce the effort involved so that they are not as burdensome.

Digitization: Preliminary scanning (to establish scanning requirements) still going well. It is becoming more streamlined.

Open mic:

  • Q: Anything new on the budget? A: No. Senate hearing is next month.
  • Research Assistants: Divisions are starting to hear about these positions. CREA will have to monitor the process and the new positions for possible issues. The RA’s will be eligible to join CREA.