B.O.G. Meeting Minutes March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Meeting Started 12:04 p.m.

In attendance:


David Bradley

Clint Brass

Karma Ester

Patty Figliola

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Cathy Jones

Bonnie Mangan

Michael Martin

Betty Jean Oladapo

Libby Perl

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer




Phillip Brogsdale

Val Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul










Stewards and Others

Bill Canis

Ian Fergusson

Tyson Flagg

Claudia Guidi

Elaine Heisler

Jack Moteff

Randy Schnepf









Minutes: Accepted March 11th minutes with minor edits. March 18th minutes accepted as amended.

New Members: People have been working hard and CREA has several new members. The Membership Committee meets with all new CRS hires. The President suggested a “meet and greet” to thank the stewards, governors, new members, and old members for making CREA stronger. Gov. Mangan moved to have a meet and greet as proposed by the President and to budget $100. Gov. Perl seconded the motion. Gov. Oladapo volunteered to chair the event. The BOG said they would contribute items to the event. The Board unanimously passed the motion. The event will be held on April 16th.

Unfair labor practice (ULP):  Filed a ULP related to emergency designation of employees. CREA is just asking the Library to bargain the changes.

Telework Agreement: Has been extended. Have to inform the Library that on plans to reopen 60 days before the March 26th agreement date.

Steward Elections: All the new stewards have been elected except for those from FDT. There will be several lunchtime steward trainings and the stewards will get copies of the CBA.

OPM Employee Viewpoint Survey: CREA might consider financing a survey of CRS employees. The idea came out of the ULP regarding the canceled meeting with the Director. For a fee, OPM will conduct the survey for any federal agency and employee labor organizations.  The LOC participated 5 years ago but did not disaggregate the data to the level of service units. The sense of the Board was that we should invite OPM to discuss the survey.

Meet and Greet with Deputy Librarian and Chief of Staff: April 8th from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Library Unions meeting with Workforce Management: IG released a report on telework, and there will be a new form imposed by the IG related to safety. The unions have asked that the IG hold an information session. The unions will all also have to enter formal bargaining because this is a change in working conditions.

Merit Selection Plan: There are questions about how the panel for the new RSI DAD was chosen, since the panel lacks any diversity. According to management, reasonable efforts were made to identify a diverse panel.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.