B.O.G. Meeting Minutes June 11, 2014

B.O.G. Meeting June 11, 2014


Jack Moteff
Chelsea Robertson
Libby Perl
Clint Brass
Mallory Stouffer
Phillip Brogsdale
Michael Martin
Bryan Sinquefield
Betty-Jean Oladapo
Susan Thaul


CBA negotiations were completed on June 5, 2014. President Moteff explained in detail the agreed upon changes to the articles that were up for negotiation.

The next steps in the process were discussed. The Librarian needs to sign and the membership needs to approve the new CBA through a secret ballot. After the final edits are completed by Monica Woods and Shelley Harlan, CREA will host an ‘information session’ with the bargaining unit to discuss changes. After the info session, a vote will need to be organized to ratify the new CBA.