B.O.G. Meeting Minutes February 11, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2015

Meeting Started 12:01 p.m.

In attendance:



Clint Brass

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Cathi Jones

Bonnie Mangan

Betty Jean Oladapo

Libby Perl

Brian Reeder




Phillip Brogsdale

Julius Jefferson

Alison Siskin






Tyson Flagg







Motion to Reaffiliate with the Metro Council: The motion which was voted on via email passed. The President of the Guild is happy about CREA’s decision.

Anniversary Proposals: The committee presented 3 different ideas

  1. Celebratory Happy Hour;
  2. Building on the current oral history project; and
  3. A Colloquium.

Discussion: The board discussed concerns about turn out and the pros/cons of having the event offsite. Discussed whether we want to pay for space and provide drinks/food, or have it at a commercial enterprise. The board discussed the cost of the event, how to have a special event and be fiscal responsibility. Discussed who should be invited.

Inclement Weather Policy:  An emergency closure has not been invoked during this winter. CREA filed a negotiability petition with the FLRA to determine whether CRS needs to negotiate the use of the new ad hoc emergency personnel designation. Notably, Article 25 of the new CBA gives permission to for off-site work (not telework) due to weather. For off-site work, the employee needs permission from their supervisor. The employee does not have to have their computer at work (can use home computer). Some persons invoked this during the recent weather event.

Unfair labor practice (ULP): CREA filed an ULP regarding the canceling of meeting between Mary and certain staff due to someone in the staff’s section filing a grievance.

FIN Relocation: CREA is in process of finalizing the MOU regarding the FIN relocation.

NMS: CREA is asking for clarification for how staff attending the New Member Seminar will be compensated for their time.

Pictures: CREA submitted a proposal for an opt-out policy. Management’s position is that they do not have to bargain the photo policy.

Personnel Changes LOC:  The Deputy Librarian has a new position. Robert Newland (formerly of CRS) is now the LOC Chief of Staff.

Meeting adjourned at 12:59.