B.O.G. Meeting Minutes August 20, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2014

Meeting Started 12:07 p.m.

In attendance:

GovernorsDavid Bradley

Clint Brass

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Cathi Jones

Bonnie Mangan

Michael Martin

Betty Jean Oladapo

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer





OfficersPhillip Brogsdale

Valerie Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Jack Moteff

Alison Siskin









OthersTyson Flagg

Chelsea Robertson










 Welcome to the new office support person, Tyson Flagg.

Minutes: Accepted the July 30th minutes and the August 6th minutes as is.

Rule on Phased Retirement: OPM published the final rule on phased retirement. HR had a committee that prepared a proposal for the executive committee. Service units will have flexibility about if and how to implement phased retirement.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments: There are several proposed amendments to the CREA constitution that were dicussed to decide whether to put the changes on the ballet for the membership.

  • Officer Provisions: Want to change the VP of training to VP of bargaining to better represent what they actually do. Gov. Brass moved that the recommended changes to Article III section 4 be placed on the ballot. Seconded by Gov. Martin. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Want to change the steward and Officer elections to every two years, and provisions in Article V regarding BOG members saying that each division/office has to have at least 1
    • Changes to Article III §1, Article V §1, Article VII §§5-6,
    • We have a hard time scheduling steward elections.
    • Motion by Gov Martin to recommend to the membership the changes as discussed to the constitution. Seconded by Gov. Brass. Motion passed unanimously.

Open Mic:

  • There are concerns related to the roll out of Lync
    • Is it really voluntary? Staff is getting mixed messages.
    • Will it be used to monitor presence at the person’s computer?

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.