B.O.G. Meeting Minutes August 19, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2015
In attendance:

David Bradley
Karma Ester
Carol Hardy-Vincent
Brian Reeder
Mallary Stouffer

Valerie Grasso
Clint Brass
Phillip Brogsdale
Alison Siskin
Susan Thaul
Stewards and Others

Bill Canis
John Mickey
Jack Moteff
Randy Schnepf

Minutes: None.
KSG Realignment: There is a proposal to have the FDT KSG consultancy become part of FDT (and no longer part of KSG). This may also occur in other divisions. If there is a reorganization, under the contract, the union is supposed to be involved. The Board formed a team to follow this development.
FLRA on Emergency Designation: As discussed, the FLRA declined to issue a complaint. Discussing and working on next steps.
Staff Photography: FLRA called about the complaint. Board discussed how to proceed.
Election: Need someone to chair the election who isn’t running. Petitions are due Wednesday September 9, 2015. Please talk to people about voting and running.
New Member Breakfast: Elayne Heisler is going to hold a breakfast for new CREA members on September 8th.
Anniversary: Need help for certain committees, especially related to decorations (e.g., easels with union history) and the program.
Open Forum: Discussed RSI meeting with Mary.
Meeting adjourned at 12:55.