B.O.G Meeting Minutes August 16, 2017

CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

In attendance on August 16, 2017: 

Karma Ester, KSG
Carol Hardy-Vincent, RSI
Elayne Heisler, DSP
Brian Reeder, COU
Bill Canis, Acting Secretary
Michael Martin, Vice President
Susan Thaul, President
Stewards and Others
Wanda Almanzar
Suzanne Salgado, COU

CREA Constitution: President Thaul announced that, in the absence of a quorum, further discussions about amendments to the CREA Constitution would be deferred until the next BOG meeting.

2017 CREA Elections: President Thaul noted that two emails have been sent out on the upcoming elections, one to all bargaining unit members (about CREA) and a detailed memo about the elections to all CREA members.

Salgado Retirement: Steward Salgado noted that she would be soon retiring and she was commended for her work at CRS and in CREA. Discussion ensued about her reflections on the phased retirement program, databases and other aspects of work at CRS.

IP Pilot: Governor Ester discussed issues with the position descriptions and other aspects of the transition.