B.O.G Meeting June 7, 2017

CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes
In attendance on June 7, 2017: 

Karma Ester, KSG
Joel Greene, RSI
Elayne Heisler, DSP
Betty-Jean Oladapo, OPS
Brian Reeder, COU
Mallary Stouffer, CIP/PUB
Angeles Villarreal, FDT


Clint Brass, Vice President
Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer
Bill Canis, Secretary
Mike Martin, Vice President
Susan Thaul, President

Stewards and Others

Wanda Almanzar

Minutes and Agenda. It was determined that CREA BOG Minutes will be sent out by noon on Mondays to board members, with a vote on them (and any corrections) at the weekly meeting on Wednesday.  President Thaul said she would circulate an agenda on Tuesdays.

IP Pilot: The Board discussed the status of the information professionals (IP) pilot program and related bargaining between CREA and CRS management.

MOU on Holiday Hours and Alternative Work Schedules. This agreement with all three LOC unions and LOC was discussed.

IT Assessment Survey:  The status of this initiative, CREA comments on it, and the view of IMT staff were discussed.

Credit Hours Survey:  The current results were discussed and it was agreed to extend the deadline by one week; President Thaul will resend the survey with some clarifications.

Pending CRS Policies and Actions:  BOG discussed CRS management’s draft policies on “ensuring objectivity” and “parliamentary assistance”, and how those might be shared with bargaining unit members.

Communicating with Bargaining Unit.  How to most effectively communicate the work of CREA officers and the board was discussed, with a preference for succinct summaries in timely emails, linking to underlying documents on the CREA website (when appropriate) for those who want to know more.