B.O.G Meeting August 5, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2015

In attendance:



David Bradley

Karma Ester

Carol Hardy-Vincent

Betty-Jean Oladapo

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer




Clint Brass

Phillip Brogsdale

Valery Grasso

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul


Stewards and Others


Bill Canis

John Mickey

Jack Moteff

Randy Schnepf



Minutes: July 1, 22, 29th accepted with edits

Recap of the Convention:  Thank you for sending us.

Election: All positions are up for election. In order to be elected each candidate needs to submit a short biography. Dues paying members as of September 18th are eligible to vote. If you are not going to run, please try to find someone who wants to fill the position. There is a new nomination petition for stewards. Membership lists are available in the CREA office.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Relates to IFPTE Convention delegates and building a system with alternative delegates. Acting VP Brass has been working on this. Will discuss next week.

IMT Briefing: Will be meeting with IMT tomorrow.

Unscheduled Telework: Library just implemented unscheduled telework agreement with the other two unions. The CREA telework agreement is a side agreement and is closed to next year. Are people interested in negotiating for unscheduled telework?

Government Shutdown? There haven’t been any official meetings about an administrative (sequester) furlough or shutdown furlough.

Anniversary Party: Catering option is difficult due to the budget, will be held at Hawk n Dove. The planning is starting.

Open Forum: Temperature is an issue because it is uncomfortable. Should we bring back the Health and Safety Committee with the other unions?

Meeting adjourned at 12:49.