B.O.G. Meeting August 26, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2015
In attendance:

Carol Hardy-Vincent
Bonnie Mangan
Michael Martin
Betty-Jean Oladapo
Mallary Stouffer

Valerie Grasso
Clint Brass
Phillip Brogsdale
Alison Siskin
Susan Thaul
Stewards and Others

John Mickey
Jack Moteff

Minutes: Accepted August 5th and August 12th with edits.
FLRA on Emergency Closure/Designation: Working on an appeal.
New Member Breakfast: Elayne Heisler is going to hold a breakfast for new CREA members on September 8th. Officers, Stewards, and Governors from the divisions with attendees are invited.
Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Relates to IFPTE Convention delegates and building a system with alternative delegates by establishing a system where Officers are de facto delegates. Also cleans up the language in the Constitution so that it reflects that Officer, Governors, and Stewards are elected every 2 years, and to amend the title of one of the VPs to reflect what the position actually does. In addition, the proposed amendment will delete a duplicate section. A quorum is not present so there cannot be a vote. Gov Martin moves that we wait on the discussion and vote regarding the amendment to the next meeting. Gov. Oladapo seconded and then withdrew the second. Gov. Mangan seconded the motion. But since there is no quorum there can be no vote on the amendment. There was discussion about whether to discuss the amendment and figure out if there was a consensus of those present.
Should it be packaged as 1 or 2 amendments: (1) dealing with the convention; and (2) technical amendments. It should be packaged together as an amendment and technical corrections. The Amendments have been approved by IFPTE. We will vote next week, and if there isn’t a quorum, the vote can be by email.
Student Loan Forgiveness: There is a LOC Student Loan Forgiveness program but CRS isn’t part of it. The other LOC unions didn’t know about it. The unions have filed an information request with Workforce Management. Patti Figliola will look into this on behalf of CREA.
Director’s Strategic Planning Session: At the KSG meeting it was raised that there are resources that would be useful in replying to requests that CRS does not have access to. We keep hearing that only 10% of the budget is for non-personnel costs, but the question is how is the 10% used?
Anniversary Party is 3 weeks away.
Open Forum: Discussed the disastrous roll out of the A&P Tool. There are issues accessing older and archived reports in reports.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00.