B.O.G. Meeting April 26, 2017

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2017


In attendance:



David Bradley

Karma Ester

Joel Greene

Carol Hardy Vincent

Elayne Heisler

V.C.  Jones

Betty Jean Oladapo

Brian Reeder

Angeles Villarreal




Clint Brass

Phillip Brogsdale

Mike Martin

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul

Stewards and Others


Bill Canis

Randy Schnepf



Donation for BIG: Blacks in Government (BIG) asked for a donation for their oratorical competition on May 4th in LM222. Gov. Oladapo motioned that CREA donate $150 for the BIG contest. Gov Reeder seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously and Treasurer Brogsdale will send a check today.


Furlough/shutdown: It is unclear whether the government will shut down. CREA and other unions signed an agreement with the LOC allowing the unions to have access to the building in the event of a government shutdown. CREA can designate 3 people. Pres. Thaul, VP Martin, and Secretary Siskin will be the representatives.


IT Centralization: CREA has been gathering information about the IT Centralization plan. The union has concerns about the process and the fact that the Library directed the consultant to only talk to management. We need to think of the possible issues that are unique to CRS and could affect CRS’ capacity to serve Congress in a timely manner.