CREA Documents

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CREA’s activities are governed by several important documents.

The CREA Constitution is an internal document created at the founding of the Union. It defines CREA’s governance structure and lays out such things as the duties of the officers and representatives.  Amendments to the Constitution may be made through a process defined in Article X.  The most recent amendments were adopted in September of 2009.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (including the  Agreement on Senior Level Pay ), or the contract, is the agreement negotiated between CREA and LOC management.  The contract covers a range of workplace matters such as merit employment, promotion review, work schedules and so on. The current contract was signed in 2004 and remains in effect until one or both parties reopen negotiations.

Library of Congress Regulations. CREA has the right to bargain the implementation of certain LCRs, depending on the impact on working conditions.  If an LCR provision is in conflict with the CBA, the affected bargaining unit employees are not governed by that provision.