2014 CREA Committees

CREA is currently recruiting members to fill spots on two committees. All CREA members are eligible to join these panels. Stewards, in particular, are strongly encouraged to participate.

Open slots exist on the Events and the Roster/Recruitment subcommittees of the Membership Committee and the Website Subcommittee of the Communications Committee. Position responsibilities are described below. A list of current committee members and descriptions of general committee responsibilities is attached.

1. Membership Committee

Events Subcommittee: Plans events to support community-building within the membership. This includes organizing annual events(such as the annual meeting) that are required by the constitution, as well as ad hoc events like ice cream socials and special forums.

Roster/Recruitment Subcommittee: Works with the CREA office staff to maintain bargaining unit and membership rosters, plan recruitment strategies, and coordinate events with the Events Subcommittee.

2. Communications Committee

Website Subcommittee: Helps improve and update content on the CREA website. This could include contributing new content. Members would work with CREA office staff to develop site content that is relevant to the bargaining unit.

Please contact CREA at crea@crs.gov or 7-7636, if you would like to volunteer for one of the committees or have any questions.